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Join us!


Even if you haven’t sung for years, and think that you can’t sing really, you can! Just come along to Macapello, where you’ll be made really welcome and gently (re)introduced to the wonders and joys of singing together with other people.

Why Sing?

The value of singing

it's stimulating

it's good for you

it's rewarding

and it's fun!

Join Us!​

Macapello is a Community Choir, which means:

  • There’s no audition

  • No learning from music

  • No previous singing experience is necessary

  • Everything is taught by ear

  • We sing unaccompanied (a cappella) in wonderful four-part harmony!

The emphasis is on fun and fulfilment!

Like to join us?

Send our choir leader Dave an email at

Your first session is free!

What do we do?​

We meet in the Church Room at Melksham Baptist Church, Old Broughton Rd, Melksham, SN 12 8BX between 7.30 and 9.30 on Wednesday evenings in term-time. If you fancy coming along for a sing, don’t hesitate, we love including new singers ! It’s a lot of fun – and tremendously good for you! We have a regular team of about 30 singers, all friendly folk, so turn off the TV, tune up your tonsils and come along!

We sing all kinds of music from folk to classical via pop and jazz classics as well as music from all points of the globe – in the last year we’ve sung music from Russia, Zimbabwe, the USA, New Zealand, France, Estonia, South America, West Africa and even composed our own song!

Who are we?

We started as a choir in 2012 and have been going from strength to strength, with around 30 regular members. Our choir leaders are Dave and Lisa: together they have a wealth of experience of teaching and singing and have a very relaxed and friendly approach – you will be made to feel very welcome!

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and all ages and abilities however, we all love a good sing and we have a lot of laughs. Many friendships have been forged over tackling a particularly tricky song!

Singing is a timeless and global cultural phenomenon. Singing is part of being a human being; we need to sing, we love listening to music!

Singing is stimulating

Listening to music has a number of positive physiological effects, including reducing stress, providing dopamine hits to our brain’s pleasure centres. And, if our brain (the very centre of our being) is happy, then surely the rest of us will function better too.

Research has shown that our brains need stimulation, especially as they age, and singing provides this exercise – especially if songs are learnt by heart. Research has also found that children who engage in music show increases in IQ, verbal memory and linguistic ability.

Singing is good for you

When you sing, you have to take deep breaths which exercises your lungs and also calms you down; just the act of focusing on your is relaxing. You might move as you sing, swaying – even dancing along. It’s all good exercise. You feel confident, active and alert.

Singing is rewarding

For many people, singing also mean facing a fear. Sometimes, singing can be scary, even in an informal environment. Trying something new like singing as a hobby, or even having a go at a tricky piece of new music can get the adrenaline pumping and then – wow – there is that great feeling of achievement.

Singing is fun

But, most of all, singing is fun! It’s playing with your voice, playing with sound.  Being with friends and sharing the experience. Music crosses all sorts of boundaries and ignites memories of the past and gives memories to cherish for the future.

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