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Dave is a musical all-rounder: singer, pianist and multi-instrumentalist, teacher, instrument-maker, composer, arranger, administrator and historian. He has worked in classical music, contemporary composition, jazz, rock, soul, ska and folk, and played in everything from orchestras to streetbands.

Dave also sings Baritone with the renowned quartet The B Naturals. He has published three books of jazz/pop choral arrangements, ‘The Sumptuous Songbook 1,  2 and 3′.

Lisa is an accomplished choirleader with many years experience with choirs in the South West. She has worked in schools and as a music therapist. She also beats a mean frame drum.

Dave and Lisa were both project administrators and Musical Directors of the highly successful Wiltshire and Swindon Special Schools Music Festival from 1999-2010,  and they also co-lead the singing group Akabella.



Dave and Lisa run Macapello

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